Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hand Size Tells A Lot About Your Personality

The size of your hand can reveal a lot about your personality.

Make sure to get the proper measurement:

1. Measure your hands by placing your thumb at your elbow.
2. Stretch out your hand.
3. If you cannot easily reach your wrist, your hands are small.  On the other hand, if you are able to do this easily, then your hands are large. 

Small hands

People who have smaller hand are said to be more prone to take risks.

If you encounter problems, you’re willing face and solve it instead of running away.
Your personal relationships are often dramatic ones.
You have adventurous and generous spirit.

Large hands

On other hand, if you have large hands, you are sensitive and shy in nature.
You are a perfectionist, and good at analyzing and probably good at mathematics too.
Your concentration often goes on the small, trivial details, but this could result with tardiness in some parts of your life.

You are impulsive person who often knows to overreact.
You are regardful to other people, and sometimes you even neglect yourself.
The shape of your palm also plays a role.

If you have square palm, then you are practical and logical person. You might be good mathematicians. You prefer a logical approach, and do not believe in intuition.

People with rectangular palms tend to solve their problems faster. Unlike the persons with a square palm, they are more intuitive.

If you have long hands and square palm, you are sensitive and adventurous person.
People with short fingers are very good leaders.
Longer fingers can indicate a curious personality.


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